17:55 18-09-2013
my name is bas and i am dutch.i am planning 2 move from 020-to maastricht and put my house in the center of amsterdam on its the one 74.4m2 in van beuningenstraat.i am waiting for people 2 i am trying 2 find a job.i have socialhygiene and i am very old(49)and very hobby is cycling.hope 2 hear from u and byebye
15:40 02-04-2013

I would like to know if you have any room for two people from the 13th till 14th of April.


12:26 12-03-2013
hi, no St Patrick's Day party this year or anything?

kinds regards, Maaike
14:01 06-02-2013

I would like to know if you have a room for two nights starting the 15th of February.


15:59 27-01-2013
hi i want to know if u have room for three people 08/03/13 to 10/03/13 and how much the total cost thank you stephen
19:49 22-08-2012
Does anyone know how to get ahold of Sue the bartender? I just finished writing a book and she has a part in it. I wanted to make sure she received a copy.
15:30 11-06-2012
I'm looking for a sleeping place for 3 persons from June 24th to June 27th. Is there any possibility or do you know a cheap place (besides those suggested by google) to stay?
Thanks a lot!

23:07 04-06-2012
I am looking for not expencieve accomodation in Maastricht for two persons from 7th to 11th of June. My friend told me that you are the best adress for giving this information.

Kind regards,
23:05 05-11-2011
Hey Annette, it says right on the webcam page the username and password.

Everyone else, the Shamrock is the best pub in town
01:17 11-10-2011
Hey Wim or whomever of you is reading this...
I cannot acces the shamcam cuz u need a username and password.
I want to seeeeee ^^
Plz ask someone to tell me / teach me how to get that cuz I couldn't make it work :/

16:22 08-08-2011
hey, have you a hostel, sleep possibility for 3 persons for one night? thx in advice
23:54 19-05-2011
Hello there, dear dutch friends

In about 3 weeks we poor students from luxembourg will have finished our exams and we're so ready to celebrate that event in our favourite city
So I wondered if you still have some spare beds for about 6,7 people or more from the 10th-11th June!!!


16:31 06-02-2011
Coming tonight to watch the SuperBowl.... Bringing the Terrible Towel... Here we Go Steelers!!!
21:24 03-02-2011
00:20 10-10-2010
These guys make a killer Irish Flag, ask them for it!
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